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Ziemas darba apavi Stelvio 13L Polar, melni, S3 HRO WR SRC 4 47, Sixton Peak

ieskaitot PVN 21%
Grupa:Mājai un dārzamDarba apģērbs, apavi un aizsardzībaApavi gumijas ziemas
Ražotājs:Sixton Peak
Piegādes laiks: 1-4 dienas
Produkta apraksts
Weight: 770 gr. Greased nubuk lether Hydrotec, reflex insert, HT-WR tehnical fabric. Removable dual insulationinsole is perfect to winter use and for footwear with protection against cold "CI". It consists of a highly resistant and absorbing felt piece that keeps the foot dry and warm and of an aluminised film to isolate the foot from the ground. Sole with anti-wear scaff cap. Outsole in Vibram® rubber for stability and grip performance. To strike the ground better and to improve self-cleaning. With anti-wear scaff cap. Heat resistant to 300° C by contact (HRO), Toecap made of plastic. Zero perforation. Ergonomic rigid internal structure. It houses the heel into the right seat, adjusting the foot support and control the ankle sideways movements, It keeps the foot tight to the shoe, allowing the perfect fit. Recommend use: Building. farming and gardening. Engineering. Cold places. Size: 38-48